Finish the year in style

December 28, 2022

It’s been great to finish the year in style with Classic Cars Magazine. I was really quite thrilled to see 3 consecutive issues, September, October and November, ‘The List’ featured my images.

Classic Cars Magazine – The List – Sept, Oct and Nov

The September issue featured a shoot I did with Ross Alkureishi and a rather lovely 1962 Aston Martin DB4. The weather wasn’t brilliant when we first arrived to collect the car. We waited a while for the worst of the rain to pass then quickly got out to location with the reader. The lust greens really complimented the car’s paintwork I thought.

Lots of greens was the colour pallet of the day
The morning rains cleared just enough for the tracking shots

October saw me teaming up with Emma Woodcock, we last worked together on the A310 Alpine shoot. This time it was to be a cute Austin-Healey 100. If I had the spare pennies I could have been tempted with this one!!

Mottled wild flowers and the soft top down in the sunshine… Perfect day out

Our reader, Clive was clearly enjoying the experience of the open road in this little car. Nippy and responsive with a throaty engine note, it was everything an open top sports car should be.

1954 Austin-Healey 100

Can we just try that gravel road …

It’s great shooting the readers enjoying driving one of their dream cars

Into November now and it was time to meet up with Emma again. We drove down to Dorset and met up with our reader to drive the AC Aceca. While Emma was interviewing our reader, I had spotted a gravel track on the opposite side of the road. The sun was in a good spot…it had to be worth a go!!

Can we just try this gravel road….
1956 AC Aceca

The word is a shoot that has been in the can for a few months is due to publish early in the new year. I can’t wait!!

By Skelly

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