Classic Cars Magazine Hat Trick…

November 19, 2023

I know I say it every time but seeing my images in print on a magazine shelf is still amazing. This weekend though was a new high… to see my first ‘Hat Trick’ triple feature of published images in Classic Cars Magazine. Their November 2023 issue, ‘The ‘Life Cycle’ and the ‘Epic Restoration’ featured my images & ‘Month In Cars’ had my collection from the Silverstone Festival.

‘The Life Cycle’…

This lovely gentleman ordered this TR6 from new direct from the factory. When it was ready he collected it and then drove it to Germany!! At the time he was a serving officer in the British Army….but not just any Officer!

Barry looking very chilled in his TR6
The then Captain Barry Rowe, Officer Commanding of The Royal Signals ‘White Helmets’ Motorcycle Display Team

For a couple of years in the 1970s, Captain Barry Rowe was Officer Commanding of the famous Royal Signals ‘White Helmets’ Motorcycle Display Team. (credit I remember being in awe of these riders on their Triumph Tiger motorbikes performing stunts at summer country fairs that I had been taken to as a young child.

Captain Barry Rowe said he had great fun doing the tracking shots!!

Strapped into the back of the car, from inside the boot I guided Barry where I needed him. Even at slow speeds some people aren’t comfortable driving the target car during tracking shots…. you have to get much closer than normal to the car in front. No such worries with Barry, he was having a great time :)) It was an absolute pleasure to meet and photograph one of my childhood heroes.

‘Epic Restoration’ Radford Mini….

The opening double page image in the Epic Restoration feature has the feel of being ‘studio lit’ but in a workshop. Then with the added blur of mechanics and technicians walking through the frame. I find them really enjoyable to set up & see what movement we can create. As a bit of added fun I always have my ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ moment and appear in the shot too…. especially if the workshop doesn’t have many staff.

Can you spot me in this one??
The Radford Mini peaking out from under the shutters

This 1965 Mini had been beautifully restored. Radford took the humble Mini Coopers and added luxurious interiors and fittings such as Rolls Royce electric windows and chrome plated accessories. Motivational Classics had done a great job, every detail had been attended to. The paintwork under the bonnet was just as perfect as the outside bodywork.

‘Month in Cars’ – Silverstone Festival

ThunderSports 1980s Porsche 935 K3

Silverstone Festival (formerly Silverstone Classic) is the world’s biggest classic motorsport event. 3 days of specular racing with priceless racing cars from around the world.

First time racing in the UK for this 1956 Lotus XI Prototype
Miles Griffiths in the 1983 F1 March RAM
NASCAR represented in this 1958 Ford Thunderbird

Features Editor, Sam Dawson at Classic Cars Magazine casts a wide and eclectic net over the race card …. certain keeps me on my toes picking out his target cars!

Just need a ‘main image’ on the Front Cover to complete the set now….. fingers crossed!!!

By Skelly

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