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July 31, 2023
photos in print magazines

It’s always great to see my images in print on a magazine shelf. This weekend though was a mega buzz… a total surprise to see my first double feature published images in Classic Cars Magazine. Their Sept 2023 issue, ‘The List’ and ‘Life Cycle’ featured my images.

photos in print magazines
My first Double Feature in a magazine… Classic Cars Magazine Sept 2023 issue

A rainy March morning on the top of a Surrey hillside was the meeting pace for our Lotus Esprit shoot. Drizzle on a car shoot can obviously make the detail shots a bit tricky with spots on the paintwork. The upside is that it produces great skies in the background.

The rain in Es-pain falls mainly…. I’ll get my coat
dramatic sky above lotus esprit
You gotta love moody skies on a car shoot

Quick look at my WeatherApp showed we had a short dry window later to get the tracking shots done before heavier rain was due to arrive. The moody skies were awesome but I couldn’t spend too long enjoying them. We had had to crack on with the driving shots that make up such a large part of The List feature in the magazine.

Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo
1/15 mega slow shutter speed with the Lotus Esprit

Safely harnessed into the back of my car, hanging out of my boot is my favourite part of these shoots. As a guide I try to balancing camera shutter speed to car road speed. 1/50sec = 50mph for example, this produces the motion blur giving that sense of speed. Once I’m sure I’ve got some shots safely in the bag, its time to lower the shutter speed even more. The strike rate drops right off but when you nail one its soooooo worth it !!!

blue car yellow gorse bushes
Lotus Esprit against the yellow gorse bushes just pops
Double feature - Lotus Esprit V8
Classic Cars Magazine, Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo in The List feature

1967 Mercedes 230 ‘Finitail’ …

Double feature - Mercedes 230 Fintail
Classic Cars Magazine, Mercedes 230 Fintail in the Life Cycle feature

The Life Cycle feature in the magazine is always a nice one to be involved with. Even more so when the car has been in the owners family from day 1, as with this Mercedes 230 Fintail.

1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail
1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail
1/20 slow shutter tracking shot with the Mercedes Fintail

The car was ordered brand new and collected in Stuttgart when the family were living in Germany. It enjoyed many family trips and holidays before being passed down from father to son, who still owns it now.

A German classic in classically English countryside
1967 Mercedes 230 Fintail
1967 Mercedes 230 ‘Fintail’ flashing through a leafy green time warp

By Skelly

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