Work Portfolio of Published & Private Client image assets


Commercial and Editorial

My Commercial Photography I provide my clients with great image asset solutions to their business needs. Help a company promote their brand awareness… Help a supplier sell and distribute more product… Help a restaurant increase bookings for it’s lunchtime service… Help an events team engage more guests for their activity days…

Motorsport Photography

Having grown up in a rallying family, Grandad, Dad, me and my brother have all driven rally cars. When I picked up a camera the trackside was an obvious place for me to go. I think this gives me an insight in what is going through the driver’s head. The concentration in his eyes searching out the line through the bend. The Service crew trying to rebuild the car when the driver didn’t quite pick the right one!! The inevitable ‘Trying’ marks where he couldn’t go any faster!

Golf Photography

Nobody goes on to a golf course to have a miserable time… Though it might happen when the ball isn’t going where you want it sometimes!! It’s those reactions to good or bad shots, that makes Golf Day Photography so much fun as a photographer. My relaxed style of photography fits in around your event perfectly

Portrait Photography

I am inspired by watching people in daily life, all no doubt with a story to tell. A photo can sometimes capture that story in a split second, if we just take the time to look. Sit quietly somewhere with a coffee, look around and see people going about their day. Asking somebody… “Can I take your photo?’ makes them stop doing the very thing that attracted me to take their photo in the first place!

Event Photography

Event Photography covers just about every event or gathering you can think of. In the commercial world it could be Corporate client entertainment days, Exhibitions and Conferences. Staff incentive days or Awards Evening. A large News event or national celebration needs images for media. Just as important though are local village fetes and fairs, School sports days or Charity events. 

My Projects

I really enjoy wildlife photography of any kind, whatever they come wrapped in…. Fur or Feathers! We are lucky in this country to have some stunning wildlife in our gardens and on our doorsteps, just sit quietly and take a look.

I’m not a Landscape Photographer in the true sense of the word. However I do find myself forced to stop the car, get out and walk back to just stare at amazing scenery. If the camera kit just happens to be in the car, well it would be rude not to!!!