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July 16, 2022

Marketing and sales promotional images can take many different styles to convey the message to the customer. A series of recent shoots with Omologato Watches being a perfect example. Product, Lifestyle, Location images to promote their new Reims Chronograph.


My brief was to create a collection of ‘product’ images to show all the lovely details and colours of the Reims. This was shot with strobe lighting and LEDs in a studio environment. Omologato wanted to produce a definitely pink watch face, not salmon. I moved the lights around to find angles that would show off the colour and lively SunRay dial and sapphire glass.

Pink watch product image
Product Image showing the Champagne Rosé dial with French Blue were the inspiration for this design.
Product, Lifestyle, Location…. moving light around to make the SunRay dial come alive

I use a 105mm macro lens to create these type of images. This lens allows me to get in very close to capture pin sharp close-up detail. Showing the customer everything they want to see as if holding the watch in their hands. While very shallow depth of field let’s me direct the viewer’s eye where I want it to look by using areas of sharp and soft focus.

Product Lifestyle Location image set
Use of shallow depth of field to direct the viewer’s eye in product shots


One style of image Shami from Omologato likes to shoot is Lifestyle. How the watch would look in everyday life. To let the customer imagine what it would be like to own this watch themselves… to see themselves wearing it.

Product Lifestyle Location image set
Lifestyle marketing imagery lets the viewer to dream what it would be like to own this watch
Natural, relaxed lifestyle images…

For these lifestyle shots I change to a 70-200mm lens. I often don’t set up poses and offer minimal direction, preferring the model to behave naturally. The zoom lens lets me to drop back a little from the subject and allows them to feel more relaxed. Then I move around to create the interest from the angles I find.

Product Lifestyle Location image set
Lifestyle marketing images tell stories

The watch holds a less dominant role in this type of imagery. Lifestyle marketing images tell stories …& the best stories are real life!!


Product Lifestyle Location image set
The now abandoned Reims-Gueux race track. If you are travelling through France, it’s well worth a small detour

Omologato make the worlds largest range of motorsport themed watches. The Reims is officially associated with the Reims-Gueux race track in France. A percentage from every watch sale will go to help preserve and maintain this piece of motorsport history.

Lay in middle of the D27 what was once the Start-Finish straight…. while ‘Mr Omologato’ kept an eye out for the traffic coming

Used to hold the French F1 Grand Prix up to 1962, it was once the fastest street racing circuit in the country. It continued to hold saloon car and motorbike racing up until the 1970s when it was stopped. Then abandoned it started to fall into decay. The final part of my brief was to go out to Reims to create some more images on ‘Location’ quite literally on the road!!

Late evening sun breaks through the tired old Pit Lane buildings.
The old Grandstand – Tribune Jean-Pierre Wimille. Named after racing driver & member of the French Resistance in WWII

By Skelly

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