Concours of Elegance 2021

September 04, 2021
Lancia Martini Motorsport

Slowly but surely the world is opening up events again. The Concours of Elegance 2021 at Hampton Court Palace, thankfully being one of them. This year it would celebrate some iconic racing liveries. The blue and orange of Gulf Racing alongside my personal favourite, Martini Racing.

view from Hampton Court Palace roof
Gulf vs Martini

Coming from a rallying family, my personal favourite car of the Concours of Elegance 2021 was this beauty. The incredibly powerful Lancia 037 Group B rally car. The Group B era of rallying saw these flame spitting beasts with in excess of 300bhp doing battle in the World Rally Championship. Try to imagine this car being both supercharged and turbo charged in the hands of works drivers like Markku Alen in ‘maximum attack’ mode. They were capable of 0 to 100 & back to 0mph in little over 6 seconds…. ON GRAVEL!!!

Concours of Elegance 2021
Ex Markku Alen, Lancia 037 Group B Rally Car… bringing back many happy memories for me on the RAC Rally

Back on the track, these endurance racing Lancias would have been spectacular. They created a lot of attention at the show too.

Lancia Beta Montecarlo Group 5
This 1981 Lancia Beta Montecarlo Group 5, competed in the Daytona 24Hrs
Lancia LC2 Concours of Elegance 2021
The 800 BHP Lancia LC2
martini racing cars
Martini Racing shot from the roof of Hampton Court Palace

They caused a few of the motoring journalists to be a little shaken and stirred. So much so that they (and one of my images) was the headline of the feature in the November issue of Classic Cars magazine.

Classic Cars Magazine
Always makes me smile when I see one of my images in a publication… Nov 2021 issue

Away from the Martini…

If I wasn’t allowed to choose a modern car as my favourite, then this year my award went to this lovely Alfa. The 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B with it’s wonderful aged paintwork and gnarly bonnet strap.

Concours of Elegance 2021
Jenny Taylor sits proudly atop her 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B
red car leather strap
Lovely weathered paintwork on Chassis 50007

Hampton Court is a perfect setting to show off these beautiful cars…old or new! The gravel paths leading down to Fountain Pond are perfect. To sit and enjoy the view with a cold glass or 2 and create memories to look back on.

concours of elegance champagne table
Charles Heidsieck champagne & Concours cars… perfect cocktail
spectator films concours of elegance
Creating memories at Concours of Elegance
McLaren F1 GTR
McLaren F1 GTR, 1 of 9 cars built to 1996 spec for Giroix Racing Team

As the world returns to ‘normal’ whatever that may be. More of the worlds most stunning cars along with their owners will be able to travel again. Can’t wait to see what will be on show at this event next year. See you again in 2022

By Skelly

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