HERO Challenge Two Rally

June 18, 2024

As Will, Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation main photographer is away on their amazing Peking to Paris Rally, I had the pleasure of covering the HERO Challenge Two Rally for them. Not quite the conditions Will has been enduring in dusty deserts…..but it wasn’t far off!

Very soggy scrutineers on the HERO Challenge Two

Friday afternoon at HERO-ERA HQ at Bicester Heritage was the venue for competitor signing-on and the pre rally Scrutineering. The weather decided this would be the perfect time to try out its ‘monsoon setting’….by eco it didn’t half come down. Crews, Scrutineers …..& photographers were getting more than a touch moist.

Very soggy scrutineers on the HERO Challenge Two

My Nikon Z9’s weather proofing was up to the job and the wet tarmac made for some great reflections, so it was all worth it.

Rainy Reflections

Another good thing, the rain was filling up the pot holes around the back side of the perimeter road nicely. Tests 2 and 3 in the morning could be good fun!

Emptying the pot holes

Sure enough the early crews through the morning’s 3 Tests didn’t disappoint. The quicker drivers were smashing their way through the puddles to get the fastest times. Mud was flying everywhere on Test 2.

Sending the mud flying on HERO Challenge 2
Sending the mud flying on HERO Challenge Two
Perfect…. 3 puddles in one shot

On Test 3 there was a sneaky little section off the tracks and through long grass. Created great shots as the cars slithered their way….

Off roading HERO Challenge Two style
At least the underneath with be clean

Morning Tests covered it was quickly into the HERO Media truck and off to catch the cars on some of the Regularity sections. Stephen from HERO-ERA Media Team was working his magic on the route with the maps, we were soon finding some great places to capture the atmosphere.

Finally some blue sky
old phone box with classic cars
Flaking paint on the village phone box….

The crews are all very friendly and the social side of competing on HERO-ERA rallies was very evident to see at the coffee and lunch halts. While some had chance to catch up on the morning’s events, others were busy trying to keep it all going!!

Great to meet up with friends on HERO Challenge Two
Comparing their adventures at the Coffee Halt

It was great to see so many spectators coming out along the route to see the cars come past.

Spectators came out to watch the HERO Challenge Two cars
Spectators came out to watch the HERO Challenge Two cars

Out in the lanes I’m not sure who was enjoying the dry weather & the countryside more…..the crews or me!!

Nearly missed it….
Sneaky cut through a farm yard in the route caught a few out…
Red and Green should not be seen except …..
I’m sure he knew the shot I was thinking of & moved over into the puddles …. Thank You!!
Slow shutter creates great streaky tree blur
Crews love to say Hello when they spot the camera

Finally one more chance for me to get wet!! Congratulations to Dick and Harry Baines for winning the rally in their Mini Cooper S.

Champagne spraying on HERO Challenge 2
Champagne time on HERO Challenge Two

This is my second HERO – Challenge Rally for HERO-ERA. They really are so much fun to shoot, great cars, great crews, great atmosphere. I hope you enjoyed this small selection the event…. If you were competing CLICK HERE to go into The PRINT SHOP where there’s a large collection …..you might even see photos of your car.!

By Skelly

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