Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024

May 12, 2024

The Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024 was the 14th running of the event, my 3rd. The twisty street circuit doesn’t always produce amazing racing but there is always a magic about being there. St Devote… Lowes Hairpin (now The Fairmont)… The Tunnel… Rascasse… iconic names that take me back to watching F1 on TV as a boy.

2024 would be my hat-trick 3 in a row. My first time in 2018, (Covid cancelled the 2020) returned for 2022. It was fantastic to be back again this year. Usual first things first, get to media signing on, collect passes and then walk the 2.07 mile circuit to see any changes to the photographer locations….. still feels almost unreal walking the iconic track!

The most famous corner in motor racing… The Hairpin at the Monaco Grand Prix

In the hotel reception I bumped into my mate, 4 times FIA Historic F1 Driver Champion, Nick Padmore. He was keen to show me his new race helmet design especially for Monaco. He’s told me at Goodwood Members Meeting he had a surprise up his sleeve I was going to like…

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. On the crown of the helmet was a collection of photos from his previous 3 visits competing at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix…. all but 1 of them were mine!!! Scott at H2O Customs had done an amazing job, the helmet looked absolutely mega!!! So chuffed my photos have literally raced around Monaco!!

Nick climbs in the Lotus 88, new helmet about to get its first podium.

If I land 6 numbers on a Saturday it’s mine he says….. I’ll hold you to that Champ!!!

My photos finished P2 at Monaco Historic Grand Prix :))

Modern Classics

As with each running before it, the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024 is split down into 8 Races and sub classes for cars to compete in.

Race A1 featuring pre-war Grand Prix cars like the Bugatti 35c from as early 1927. Can you imagine these cars in period where drivers raced at over 100mph with no seat belts!!

Jonathan Bailey in his 1927 Bugatti 35C lifts a wheel exiting Tabac

Race A2, front engined Grand Prix cars pre 1961. This race features first of my ‘target cars’ of the meeting. A handful of Lotus 16 and one of my favourite looking cars, the Maserati 250F.

Marino Franchitti in the 1957 Maserati 250f lines up on the grid.

Race B, for F1 cars from 61 to 65, and F2 cars from 1956 to 60. Still just before my time (I’m a 64 reg!!) but now we are getting into the cars that look like toy racing cars I played with. The drivers are so committed as the cars move around on these narrow skinny tyres.

Totally committed into the hairpin at Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Race C. Brings out the slight different front engined Sports Cars from 1952 to 57. An absolutely awesome race and I confess not sure I took more than a handful of shots…. too busy cheering on Max Smith-Hilliard in his Lotus MkX. Max drove the wheels off it to his first and long awaited Monaco win!!!

Max Smith-Hilliard in his Lotus MkX on his way to the podium top step
Max Smith-Hilliard you’re a winner at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024

Race D. Grand Prix cars from 1966 to 1972. This is the first race to feature cars I have a faint memory of early motor racing on TV.

Red Bull’s chief engineer, Adrian Newey in his beautiful Lotus 49B at the Piscine Chicane.
Adrian Newey in his striking colour banded helmet representing team colours from his career.

Into the era of Niki Lauda…

Race E, now we’re talking…. the shape changes and so does the noise!!! These cars and I think more the liveries I remember watching with my Grandad.

Another iconic livery of Embassy Racing, Steve Brooks in the 1974 Lola T370

There are few cars with a more iconic livery than the black & gold of the JPS Lotus F1 cars. I remember like yesterday my Grandad giving me a model of this car…a collection that soon filled my bedroom window sill.

Nick Padmore (in my helmet!!) in the JPS, John Player Special Lotus 77

Race F, brings us to Grand Prix cars from 1977 to 1980. Featuring cars like the Williams FW07B. Number 27 driven by McLaren F1 Team boss, Zak Brown roars through the tunnel. Below is the dramatic slow shutter capture of Mark Hazel in his version.

Finally to Race G, the youngest of the cars racing. Grand Prix from 1981 to 1985 on display. Everything vibrates when these come past at flat-chat, lapping 3 times for every 2 of the A1 cars!

Jamie Constable in his Benetton at 30th of a second
Jamie Constable in his Benetton at 30th of a second

Time for as few favourites…

Almost 100 years of Grand Prix evolution, 3 days, 31 miles around a 2 mile circuit, 14,500 images to go through… more amazing memories, especially for Max, made at this magical race circuit.

Courage into the sun at Monaco Historic Grand Prix
Pompier - Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024
Pompier – Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024
Marshalls watch on from Casino Square
Marshalls watch on from Casino Square
Through the Armco at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024
Through the Armco at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024
Leading Lines…. or Racing Lines…

A wee collection of another iconic racing colour scheme ….

120mph McLaren MP4 captured at 30th of a second
120mph McLaren MP4 captured at 30th of a second
Through the Armco at Tabac
Under the Armco at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2024

I say it every time I know…. Can I put my name down now for 2026 please???

By Skelly

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