The Big Cat Sanctuary

October 12, 2019
beautiful Kasanga The Big Cat Sanctuary

I know I’ve said it before… but this REALLY was a little bit different! When the shoot brief says ‘Shoot Omologato DS Techeetah with Cheetahs’ …it really did mean WITH!!! We were off to The Big Cat Sanctuary for or next photo shoot.

photographer in with Cheetahs
The brooms were there for my protection!!

My Omologato Watch photo shoots are often interesting, definitely varied but always fun! How often can you say you’ve been in with a couple of adult Cheetahs to do a photo shoot? They were such beautiful animals, even more so up close. They make more of a meow than I expected too. All cats have 1 of 2 voice boxes, Big Cats, Lions, Tigers roar. Classed as a ‘small cat’ Cheetahs, meow. That’s why Tiddles doesn’t roar…so now you know!

Omologato Watches are one of the sponsors of the DS Techeetah Formula E Racing Team. Today we were here to shoot some website imagery with the DS Techeetah watch with our Cheetahs. That was the plan anyway but it took a little while and a fair amount of meat chunks. We placed the watch on a rock & then tempted the Cheetahs to have a sniff at it. Chunks of training meat were deployed around the watch and eventually we got the shot.

baiting the photo shoot
A little encouragement required…
The Big Cat Sanctuary Omologato
A little dark art wizardry & the bait is gone!!
cheetah and a watch
Omologato DS Techeetah & a Cheetah…. see what we did there!!

A little bit of work in post-production to blend out the meat chunks and we had our photos!! We left them to the last of the meat chunks as a Thank You and made our way to the other side of the grounds. Where source of the fair bit of noise was awaiting his photo taken.

beautiful Kasanga The Big Cat Sanctuary
He was an absolute pussy cat….from this side of the fence!

This was Kasanga. If there is such a thing as a ‘Pin Up’ Lion… Kasanga would be it! He is absolutely gorgeous, such a handsome beast… he knows it too. His is more than a little partial to a chicken leg, aren’t we all. At The Big Cat Sanctuary the cats are cared for and stimulated by a dedicated team of keepers. They use chicken legs to encourage the cats to stand up tall which allows for medical inspections etc.

lion eyeing up chicken leg
The noise of that chicken leg crunching…

Kasanga was more than happy to help with the last shot we needed for the day. Shami was more than happy to feed him chicken legs all day if he could too. The noise of that chicken leg being effortlessly crunched was like a piece of pork crackling. Once the work was safely in the bag, there was still a little time to walk around the grounds.

pale eyes of snow tiger
Beautiful Snow Tiger stood & posed at The Big Cat Sanctuary
tiger profile wildlife photography

It was a joy to be so close to such a beautiful animals. The Big Cat Sanctuary is an amazing place doing wonderful work and long may they continue. I’m going to take this opportunity to make a statement after such an experience.


By Skelly

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