Interior upgrade…

November 11, 2021
Beautiful new interior on G-HITB

I’m no plane spotter but an Agusta A109 is exactly what I imagine when I hear of VIPs arriving by helicopter. It will take a good sized lottery win to see one of these sitting on your back lawn too. However the beautiful leather interior upgrade by Farnborough Aircraft Interiors had taken G-HITB to another level.

Travel in VIP luxury comfort…

I arrived at the Hertfordshire airfield, just as cloudy skies were rolling in. The brief today was to show the difference between the standard delivery interior and the stunning craftsmanship from the team Farnborough Aircraft Interiors. The aircraft looked stunning in their white and black livery sitting nose to nose on the ramp… I couldn’t resist a moody shot before we got started!!

black and white helicopters
Moody skies in black and white…. well, Black and Pearl White technically
G-hitb agusta a109s helicopter
The Star of the Show

Interior Upgrade…

The star of the show, G-HITB had recently had the new interior upgrade finished, while her sister ship G-HITX still had the factory interior.

agusta a109s helicopter interior
Original standard interior before upgrade
Ready for Take Off
The new beautiful handmade leather upholstery

The difference in these seats was stunning. Soft leather covered the supportive seat and backrest was very different. Unique diamond stitched pattern on the outer edges complimenting the ribbed panels towards the centre. Highlighted by the lighter contrast seam stitching.

Beautiful diamond panel stitching
Beautiful diamond panel stitching
helicopter interior
Incredible attention to detail from Farnborough Aircraft Interiors

Office chair…

Another day in ‘the office’ would have a little more comfort for the pilots too. The exacting attention to detail of the passenger cabin was carried through to the cockpit. The instrument panel cowling had received the same treatment.

farnborough aircraft interiors
The Pilot’s seats get the upgrade too
Switches everywhere
agusta a109s Pilot cockpit
They say a Nikon has more buttons than a flight deck… I’ll stick to photography!!!
farnborough aircraft interiors
VIP travel in beautiful leather upholstered comfort

All I have to do is wait for 6 numbers on a Saturday now!!!

By Skelly

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