Saddleworth Moor Fire Photography

This is a collection of Saddleworth Moor Fire Photography. Images that show some of the firefighters & their battle to control this devastating fire. These photos were shot around an isolated quarry above the village of Carrbrook. I had the honour & privilege to spend a few hours with firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue. A massive thank you for all their help & allowing me access…. & for keeping an eye on me!!!

I have been told I see things differently from a lot of photographers. Maybe a different angle to an everyday event, a slightly more artistic than factual approach to my editing. All I hope add colour, texture & atmosphere to my images allowing the viewer to be part of the scene. My natural reportage style of photography, I hope to tell a story whatever the subject I’m photographing. The sights & emotions around events as they happen & capture them for you to enjoy.

‘Enjoy’ in this instance feels a strange word to use. I hope my images convey just a little of what our fantastic firefighters had to deal with. It certainly opened my eyes!!

In years to come, who knows these images may form part of local history about the fire. If that ever happens…. I will be thrilled & I’ve done my job.