Omologato Watches & Pre War Racing Bentleys

This shoot was a definite Tick in a Life Box! Omologato Watches were making a short film with some stunning Racing Bentleys. My brief was to capture the ‘Behind the Scenes’ filming of the Omologato Watches & Pre War Racing Bentleys. These stunning British Racing Green Bentleys were part of the Morley Racing Collection.

The film was to feature Omologato’s British Racing Green (BRG) chronograph watch. Not many colours in the World of Motorsport are as iconic as British Racing Green.

Short Motor Racing History lesson….

In the early 1900s, in the Gordon Bennet Cup, each national entrant was allotted a different colour. The car & all the parts had to be produced in the competing country. Even the driver had to be of the same nationality. Britain first competed in 1902, they had to choose a different colour from the national flag colours red, white and blue. Those had already been taken for the 1900 race by America, Germany and France respectively.

Selwyn Edge won the 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup race for England in his Napier. It was decided that the 1903 race would be held in Ireland, at that time a part of the United Kingdom. This was because motor racing at the time was illegal in Great Britain. As a mark of respect for their Irish hosts the English Napier cars were painted shamrock green. This olive green & a later slightly darker version became known as British Racing Green.

The shoot…

I spent the day being driven through the Kent countryside in the back of one of these beautiful cars. Sight, Sound & Smell (Castrol R) was an awesome sensory overload. Have never been in one of these racing Bentleys & I own an Omologato BRG watch, so it was a perfect day. One very happy photographer….there are days when I have the best job in the world!

When the video is ready I will post a link here….so be sure to check back!!