The 2019 Silverstone Classic is now firmly established as the worlds biggest classic car racing event. Every year the organisers manage to mix regular races spectators now know to expect along with special celebration races. Always one of my favourite events of the year & Silverstone Classic 3 day weekend never disappoints.

This year there was the 100 years milestone of Bentley Motors to celebrate. To mark the occasion over 20 lovely old Bentleys made up a mixed grid alongside other British classics from Aston Martin. It is amazing to see the speed these cars get up to on such skinny tyres!!

1937 Aston Martin Le Mans

1937 Aston Martin Le Mans

1923 racing Bentley overtakes another Bentley

1923 Bentley squeezes past on the inside…

A massive crowd pleaser is Sir Jackie Stewart, it’s lovely to see the warmth he is held in by the fans. Whenever he was in the paddock it was 6 deep all trying to get a photo!  Thankfully the day-glow orange media vest comes in handy & I was able to capture a quiet moment as he got ready.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart pops his ear plugs in…

Almost 50 years to the day Sir Jackie Stewart drove this Matra MS80-02 to victory here in the 1969 British Grand Prix. It was a fantastic battle with the late Jochen Rindt that has gone down as one the greatest British GP races of all time. It was great to see Sir Jackie reunited with the car for a couple of quick laps in front of his admiring fans.

Sir Jackie Stewart heads out in the Matra MS80-02

Sir Jackie Stewart heads out in the Matra MS80-02

One highlight for me this year was to finally get to do a couple of laps of the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. A big thank you to James who let me jump in his Tesla during his demo laps. Absolutely incredible acceleration….but very strange all that speed & only the noise of the wind!!

Interior view of a Tesla

85mph entering Maggotts & Becketts in a Tesla

Rain may be miserable to sit in (as Billy Connoly says there’s no such thing as bad weather just wrong clothes) it does however produce great photos.

blue & white formula 2 racing car in rain

Martin Stretton in the 1978 March 782 leaves rooster tails in the rain

The rain had all but gone by time the Masters Historic Racing Series, Endurance Legends returned for their now traditional end to Saturday slot. Dry track means the drivers can push hard enough to bring out those glowing red brake discs.

Le Mans car with glowing brake discs

James Cottingham in the Dallara SP1 gets the discs glowing

It really is no surprise the action on & off track has made the Silverstone Classic the massive success its become. The worlds largest Classic Car racing festival! Silverstone Classic really is a highlight of my photography season & I’m already looking forward to what 2020 has in store…. after all it’s their 30th Anniversary!!!

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the 2019 Silverstone Classic. To enjoy a larger collection of photos from this & other motorsport events