The Goodwood Members Meeting & Revival weekend are my absolute favourite events of the year. I build my motorsport calendar around them as soon as the dates are released. This year, the 2019 Goodwood Members Meeting 77MM, made a special celebration for 60 years of the Mini…. & spectacular it was too!

As ever there were some stunning cars gathered in the paddock. Access to these cars is unprecedented, spectators were able to spend time looking at the detail of these historic racing beauties.

It always makes me smile how engineers from yesteryear would use whatever they had to do ‘the job’ required. I can’t help feeling the were many a cross housewife who came home to find her sitting room light switch missing!!!

Goodwood Members Meeting – 77MM had a great mix of old & slightly more modern racing cars. Some old & very popular favourites…

Were joined by some equally dramatic new comers….


The quickest 30 Minis from the previous day’s 2 Qualifying Sessions would form up the grid for today’s Betty Richmond Trophy. What a race it turned out to be too! 15 or so laps of the Goodwood track treated us to incredible ‘door handle’ to ‘door handle’ racing.

Amazing trust & respect from the drivers meant at times there was barely a cigarette paper between them… but not a mark on the paintwork to show for it. Proper committed racing, how it should be done (rant over!!) You could see the drivers enjoyed the battle as much as we did.

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