JCW Mini Challenge Test Day

May 15, 2021
JCW Mini Challenge Snetterton Test Day

My 2021 Motorsport season is GO!!! After a year of barely pointing my cameras at anything with wheels let alone a race car, it was great to be in my car again and heading towards a race track. The task today was to cover the JCW Mini Challenge Test Day at Snetterton Circuit for New Channel Media.

Mini race car pit lane
Time to head down the Pit Lane…
Blue mini racing car
Ronan Pearson

It was a dry and bright morning as the cars headed out for the first session of the day. Probably very welcome after a long period of time away from being behind the wheel for the drivers. A few ‘sighter’ laps to get the feel again, it wasn’t long before they started to push a little harder. Temperatures rising nicely in their Goodyear Tyres… the drivers started to explore their limits.

Characteristically lifting that inside wheel
…& back down again

As a photographer I’ve missed being in the garages and Pit Lane. I’m constantly looking for the excitement and adrenaline on race days to capture the story. Test days are much more relaxed… cars go out, come back in…adjusted…sent back out again! As confidence grows, so does commitment into the corners

Mini racing motorsport
Leaving it as late as possible…

Commitment and the quest to find the limits will always lead to breakages… that’s what Test Days are for! Everybody is relaxed though and the only urgency is getting it repaired for the next session.

broken drive shaft JWC Mini Challenge Snetterton Test
I’m sure there’s supposed to be another end on that driveshaft…

Once the car was repaired, Bradley Gravett took the opportunity to work on the other side of being a racing driver. Time to get a few shots done for his sponsors. Motor racing isn’t cheap and without sponsorship many drivers would not be be able to go racing. Sponsors use valuable imagery like these and ‘on track’ action for marketing and promote their involvement in the sport.

racing driver poses for sponsor photos
The other side of being a racing driver… Bradley Gravett getting the all important images for his sponsors, Omologato Watches & Liqui-Moly will be happy.

Once the crews had worked their magic repairing and fine tuning the cars up & down the Pit Lane were back out on track. As much valuably track time was essential in testing to be ready for the first round on 12th June.

Ian Skelton Motorsport Photography
Jason Lockwood delivering another apex
JCW Mini Challenge Snetterton Test Day
James MacIntyre
JCW Mini Challenge Test Day
Brake hard…turn in…

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great day… but all it’s done is get me even more desperate for the proper action now! Keep yourselves safe, get a jab and 2021 will be so good…. I for one can’t wait!!!

By Skelly

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