House New Build Photography

December 20, 2018
metal kitchen lighting

Something a little different for me this week. I was contacted by Ben from Middlesex Construction & Development, to arrange taking some website photos for him. They had recently finished a project and before handing it over to their client, needed some photos. So I was booked for my first House New Build photography session.

House new build photography
High level Eco-friendly new build by Middlesex Construction & Design

It had been constructed with lots of the latest Eco-friendly systems to make the house super efficient. The house would allow it’s new owners to live with as low cost services as possible. In fact the house was so efficient Ben said it was likely during the Summer to put energy back into the network rather than use it. On top of all this, the house looked amazing too!

low level view of kitchen
Kitchen – Low Level view
Drawer handle commercial image
open plan kitchen areas house new build
Kitchen – Dining – Lounge
wet room shower
Down Stairs wet room shower

Ben and his team had installed rain water reclaim system to reduce the amount of fresh mains water required in the house. It had solar panels for power and a ground heat reclaim system for heating. To keep all that energy indoors it was built with incredible insulation and triple glazing to keep the house warm. In fact the house was so sealed the moment you closed the front door you instantly lost all phone 4G signal !!

upper floor stairs and landing
Stairs and Landing

The whole house was lovely, bright, spacious & beautifully finished. I really look forward to our next House New Build Photography project…

By Skelly

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