Actor Headshots

July 12, 2020
Actor headshot high key

The ‘Covid Lockdown’ has effected many areas of our everyday lives. Simple things we took for granted & in areas we hadn’t even thought of. Hairdressers & Barbers have been closed for months. Who would have thought we would have got so desperate for a haircut…we would let our partners loose with the clippers!!! For a young actor friend of our daughter, his new longer hair had changed his appearance enough that his current set of ‘Headshots’ for casting no longer looked like him.

actor black shirt
Joshua James Moody – Actor Headshots-3
actor headshots against trees
Joshua James Moody – Actor Headshots-1

Happy to help out…

He needed to get some current images off to his agent for casting of potential work after lockdown ends. His usual photographer & studios were currently closed… I was more than happy to help out. We arranged for him to pop round to our back garden & shoot a collection of headshot portraits for him.. One of the advantages of the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens is that we were able to stay a very safe social distance from each other. Zoom in on Josh & then crop even further into the captured image file in post production without losing any detail.

man black jacket
Joshua James Moody – Actor Headshots-4

Josh wanted the photos to be done outdoors to stay with the character roles he plays. Everything was done outside with all natural lighting with just a defector to add a little fill light to the shadows. In no time at all we had worked through a couple of outfit changes (any overlooking neighbours would have enjoyed that…he’s a personal trainer too). A quick edit & a collection of proofs were emailed over to Josh. He selected his favourite images which were then checked through for any adjustments in Post Production processing. The finished HiRes versions were quickly on their way.

Fingers crossed for you Josh…hope you get the part!!!

By Skelly

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