Beginners Photography Workshops

January 11, 2020

I have been asked more than a few times…”Did you do a photography course to learn to take photos like you do?…because I can’t seem to take photos like yours with my camera!” The simple answer to that is No, I am totally self-taught. Which got me thinking maybe I could help people who are struggling with their camera and offer Beginners Photography Workshops? Make it not such a baffling ‘dark art’ after all.

The main focus of my Beginners One-to-One Photography Workshops is to help you understand your camera so you can enjoy it more. To take away some of the frustration of not getting the photos out of your camera that your imagination can put in. To open your eyes to all the photo opportunities that surround us. Light & shade, shape and texture, contrast, colour, highlights and shadows… but more importantly how to capture them! 

When you first picked up your new camera, all those buttons and dials must have felt like an aircraft’s flight deck! If you have been stuck ‘flying it’ using only those auto ‘do it all’ buttons… I’ll help you take back control. 

Meeting up over a coffee and a muffin, we’ll go through all these M,A,S,P settings on that dial. We’ll talk about the basics of what they do, when to use them and why. Then we are off into the real world to practice all your new knowledge. Together we will take control of your camera to use light, creativity and composition to make great photos.

You will not just leave feeling more confident of your camera’s controls, but also a new photographic eye to enjoy using them more. Hopefully the ‘Shutter Bug’ will have bitten you too!!

If you are struggling to understand your new camera, get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can help you… 

By Skelly

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