I wish I’d taken that…

Based in North Surrey (Middlesex in old money) & close to London.

Ever since I was young, I have always loved photos & photography. How many times have you found yourself looking at a stunning image thinking, “WOW…I wish I’d taken that!!”

Well, the ‘Shutter Bug’ bit me & I strive every day to be the person that took ‘that‘ photo.

A lot of my childhood I spent as a family in & around Rally Cars & Motorsport, both competing & spectating. Watching the speed & lines the drivers take through the corners & how they exit, or not sometimes! This over time allows you to predict the action & which will be the best places to spectate from. These all come into play now in my Motorsport Photography & to an extent in my Golf Day Photography.

Now I find in my passion for Wildlife Photography applying some of the things I learnt on the forest tracks. Watching, listening & anticipating the action about to happen. Getting into the right place at the right time & being ready if that magic moment arrives.

These same skills I apply to my Wedding Photography  & Event Photography. Where my aim to capture real events, happening to real people, in real time, as naturally as possible. I prefer to shoot in a Photojournalistic, Reportage style. Watching, unobtrusively, discreetly, anticipating the moments to document & capture your day as they unfold in front of me. I try to do the minimal of constructing the scenes for your photos, this I think gives a much more natural feel.

It’s the best feeling watching a clients reaction to seeing their photos & hearing “Oh my goodness, when did you take this? I completely forgot you were there.” ….then I know I’d done it right!