Portrait Photography for me is about capturing real people & their personality.

I’m not ‘studio posed portrait’ kinda guy, I prefer more natural portraits… real people, in real time. Asking somebody “can I take your photo?’ makes them stop doing the very thing that attracted me to take their photo in the first place! I am inspired by watching people in daily life, all no doubt with a story to tell. A photo can sometimes capture that story in a split second, if we just take the time to look.

Pet Portraits

Portraits don’t always have to be of people either, they can be of those other members of our family, the 4 legged kind! We love them dearly, well most of the time! The way he brings his ball to you the second you walk in from work. The way he sleeps… upside down! The cat asleep on the computer keyboard…waiting for the mouse (sorry, couldn’t resist!!) All have such character & personality that makes our furry friends unique. Capturing them in an image can be challenging at times, but it’s still great fun for a photographer.