Wildlife Photography

I am passionate about wildlife photography of any kind, whatever they come wrapped in…. Fur or Feathers! We are lucky in this country to have some stunning wildlife in our gardens & on our doorsteps, just sit quietly & take a look. From tiny Blue Tits in the garden, dew covered Spiders webs, Bees busily visiting flower after flower, graceful Swans on our rivers, to my favourite & our largest wild animal, The Red Deer.

‘Fur & Feathers’…says it all really, but I have to admit, I find myself drawn to the Deer….you may have noticed!! Few things I love going off for a few hours with the Nikon just watching, learning their body language, anticipating what they’re going to do next & being ready to capture those moments of magic. The bellowing of the Stags through the early morning ‘Jurassic’ mist before the clatter of antlers can be heard deep in the woods…the power of the Stags in Rutting Season is simply stunning.