Swift Sport Rallycross Championship – Lydden Hill 2016

Swift Sport Rallycross Championship – Lydden Hill 2016

A collection of photos from the rallycross meeting. 42 races of various car classes from single make championships for the Suzuki Swifts & Minis to Retro Rallycross cars, RX150 Buggies & the awesome fire spitting Super cars

I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of photos from the meeting.

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Sports Photography is all about capturing the mixture of action & emotions for me.
I read somewhere that there are 3 main images to get when shooting Golf, The Backswing, The Follow Through & The Player’s Reaction…. Action & Emotion!

Coming from a Rallying background, I have an insight in what is going through the Driver’s head. The concentration in his eyes searching out the line through the bend. The Service crew desperately trying to rebuild the car when the driver didn’t quite pick the right one!! ….and the ‘Trying Hard’ marks where he couldn’t go any faster! …. Action & Emotion!

Whatever the sport, if you would like me to photography you, or your team, shooting the action, the story & the people that make it special? Then get in touch via the Contact page or follow my  Blog