Portrait Photography

Candid Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography for me is about capturing the real person & their personality. As I say I’m not really a studio posed portrait kinda guy, I prefer natural real people in real time portraiture. I am inspired by watching people in daily life, all no doubt with a story to tell. A photo can sometimes capture that story in a split second, if we just take time to look. Sit quietly somewhere with a coffee, look around & see people going about their day. I really enjoy Street Photography & to try to capture a little insight into their personality in that one image. Quite often find myself wondering how a person came to be where they are in that moment I pressed the shutter.

Sometimes it’s obvious…. Hours of training in soldier’s boots, perfectly in time at Changing of The Guard. The effortless grace of the Guitarist’s fingers on the frets. A skilled man with ‘tools of the trade’ in hand. Other times the story is not so clear to see, hardship that brought a busker to a Las Vegas sidewalk…… & other times it’s fun to make one up in your head!

Formal Portrait & Head Shots

A more formal or corporate ‘head shot’ portrait, is still about capturing the person & personality. A relaxed special photograph of the whole family created in your home or a favourite place. Collection of photos to go into an actor’s portfolio for auditions. Commercial portraiture such as staff headshots or the managing director sat at his desk to go onto the company website. All different styles of portrait but still able to capture personality. You can make a booking or discuss your requirements via the Contact page

Pet Portrait Photography

Portraits don’t always have to be of people either, they can be of those other members of our family, the 4 legged kind! We love them dearly, well most of the time! The way he brings his ball to you the second you walk in from work. The way he sleeps… upside down! The cat asleep on the computer keyboard…waiting for the mouse (sorry, couldn’t resist!!) All have such character & personality that makes our furry friends unique. Capturing them in an image can be challenging at times, but it’s still great fun for a photographer.

Book a Pet Portrait session with Ian Skelton Photography & we can come to your home or the park, woods, the beach ….your choice. Capture that moment & frame it forever.