My Projects

Wildlife Photography

I am passionate about wildlife photography of any kind, whatever they come wrapped in…. Fur or Feathers! It’s how I relax even though I’m still behind a camera. We are lucky in this country to have some stunning wildlife. At home in our gardens or often just a short walk from our doorsteps. Just take a moment to sit quietly & take a look around you. Tiny Blue Tits in the garden, dew creating ‘diamond’ covered spiders webs. Bees busily visiting flower after flower or graceful swans on our rivers. To my ultimate favourite & our largest native wild animal, The Red Deer.

Pet Portrait Photography

Portraits don’t always have to be of people either, they can be of those other members of our family, the 4 legged kind! We love them dearly, well most of the time! The way he brings his ball to you the second you walk in from work. The way he sleeps… upside down! The cat asleep on the computer keyboard…waiting for the mouse (sorry, couldn’t resist!!) All have such character & personality that makes our furry friends unique. Capturing them in an image can be challenging at times, but it’s still great fun for a photographer.

Book a Pet Portrait session with Ian Skelton Photography & we can come to your home or the park, woods, the beach ….your choice. Capture that moment & frame it forever.