Other Photography

Wedding Photography

Every wedding day is a special day to be treasured & remembered in years to come as a happy day. Creating great memories of a celebration together with your family & friends. My relaxed reportage style wedding photography will save all those moments for ever. When all the cake has been eaten & the flowers have gone brown, what you have left is your album & photos. If over a glass of wine or a coffee on a winter’s afternoon when it too wet to walk the dog, you get out your wedding photos. When those memories all come back & they make you smile, laugh & maybe even a tear…. then I’ve done my job.

Wildlife Photography

I am passionate about wildlife photography of any kind, whatever they come wrapped in…. Fur or Feathers! It’s how I relax even though I’m still behind a camera. We are lucky in this country to have some stunning wildlife. At home in our gardens or often just a short walk from our doorsteps. Just take a moment to sit quietly & take a look around you. Tiny Blue Tits in the garden, dew creating ‘diamond’ covered spiders webs. Bees busily visiting flower after flower or graceful swans on our rivers. To my ultimate favourite & our largest native wild animal, The Red Deer.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography for me is about capturing the real person & their personality. I’m not really a studio posed portrait kinda guy, I prefer to shoot real people in real time. I am inspired by watching people in daily life, all no doubt with a story to tell. A photo can sometimes capture that story in a split second, if we just take time to look. Sit quietly somewhere with a coffee, look around & see people going about their day. Photography can capture a fleeting insight into their personality in that one image. Quite often find myself wondering how a person came to be where they are in that moment I pressed the shutter.

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