Motorsport Photography

Motorsport photography for me is all about capturing the mixture of fast moving action but also the emotions around that action. In fact I apply it to all my sports photography. I read somewhere that there are 3 main images to get when shooting golf. The backswing, The follow through & The player’s reaction. – There it is again, Action & Emotion!

What makes me tick…

I grew up in a rallying family. Standing in a freezing cold Radnor Forest, huddled into my Mum’s coat waiting for the headlights of the first car through on the Lombard RAC Rally… showing my age a bit there!! When I was old enough I navigated for my Dad before moving across to the driver’s seat. My proudest moment, bringing home a very battered Skoda Favorit after 4 days on the 1994 Network Q RAC Rally. Now in my motorsport photography I feel this has given me an insight in to what is going through the Driver’s head. The concentration in his eyes searching out the line through the bend. The Service crew desperately trying to rebuild the car when the driver didn’t quite pick the right one!! …. and the ‘Trying Marks’ where he just couldn’t go any faster! Laughter as the crew relive just getting away with it … Action & Emotion!

Interested…??…Read on..

The action & emotion captured in my motorsport photography produce stunning photos that I hope tell a story. Powerful images, perfect for team owners & sponsor’s marketing. Eye catching driver portraits to support a magazine editorial. Be it The WRC, a single venue airfield rally, BTTC, Classic Car or Historic F1 Racing, Track days on 2 or 4 wheels. If you like my style of motorsport photography & would like fantastic images of yourself, or your team, shooting the action, the story & the people that make it special?

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