Sports Events

Sport Event Photography is all about capturing the mixture of action & emotions for me.
I read somewhere that there are 3 main images to get when shooting Golf, The Backswing, The Follow Through & The Player’s Reaction…. Action & Emotion!

Coming from a Rallying background, I have an insight in what is going through the Driver’s head. The concentration in his eyes searching out the line through the bend. The Service crew desperately trying to rebuild the car when the driver didn’t quite pick the right one!! ….and the ‘Trying Hard’ marks where he couldn’t go any faster! …. Action & Emotion!

Whatever the sport, if you would like me to photography you, or your team, shooting the action, the story & the people that make it special? Then get in touch on the Contact page or follow the Blog

London Marathon 2015

I hadn’t been up to watch the London Marathon live before, until I was asked to shoot the day on behalf St Giles Trust.

It has always been a lazy few hours on the sofa in comfort & warmth watching amazing athletes (in the case of the Elite Runners) & poor souls (in the case of some of the Fun Runners dressed as a Wheelie Bin) put themselves through 26.3 miles on London’s roads. Non of it could have prepared me for watching it live…the sheer speed those Elite Runner pass you after 23 miles is breathtaking. The sea of colour that then starts to wash over you in what seems a never ending wave upon wave of Club Runners are then joined by the ‘Fun Runners’. The fun the runners have competing over those gruelling miles towards the end. The genuine support loudly cheered from behind the barriers as thousands turn out to watch……  Absolutely amazing, no other words!

And so I was thrilled when asked by the charity, St Giles Trust to capture the event & their sponsored runners. Picking out 6 from 38,000 was going to be no mean feet!!!… but with my team of very able spotters, I don’t think we did too badly.
Once the race was over a few of the runners came back to The Oyster Shed on the Northbank for a well earned celebration with their medals to round off a fantastic day.