Farnborough Air Show 2014

The Air Show

Farnborough Air Show 2014. The Air Show is a biannual event bringing together some of the most iconic aircraft of the past & current day.  Aircraft manufacturers both Civil & Military from all over the world, bring their aircraft to this former WW2 airfield for 4 days of static exhibitions & stunning flying displays from the world’s best pilots. Trade event takes up the first 2 days before the airfield is opened up to the public & the flying displays really start in ernest.

The Red Arrows

The Red Arrows, the ‘World’s’ greatest close formation flying display team, performed a spectacular display celebrating their 50th Display season at The Farnborough Airshow 2014. My security clearance means I was able to be airside & literally just feet away from the ‘Reds’ parked up on the apron. I was thrilled to have an escorted walk around the jets before watching the technicians, known as The Circus Team perform their ‘despatch routine’ as their aircraft left to start the display. This is something not often seen by the public & is rehearsed to as split second precision as the Red Arrows flying display itself.

To mark the 50 display seasons of The Red Arrows, I had an A2 enlargement printed of my image ‘Smoke ON !!!’ & mailed it up to RAF Scampton where The Red Arrows pilots & the Circus Team signed it for me. It now proudly hangs framed in my office!