Commercial Photography

The Commercial Photography side of my work has me taking images of a vast range of subjects, sometimes of things I wouldn’t ordinarily think of taking. Once you tune into a subject, taking photos of a team of workmen on a civil engineering project can be as satisfying for me as a photographer as following players on a golf day. While I will take accurate factual images to go into a client’s reports, at the same time I can’t help trying to create a photo that makes something ordinary look a little bit different. If we look around us there are images absolutely everywhere, magazines, calendars, greetings cards, websites, menus, roadside advertising….everywhere!!  Somebody has had to take every one of them.

Photo Stock Agency images are great if you need something quick & generic…. but there’s nothing as good as having your images, of your products & services, the way you want them. Working together with your photographer building a relationship, onsite during the shoot or later during the editing process is a great way to fine tune each image to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of my Commercial Photography images in use.

This is a small collection of some of the photos in use on client’s websites, promotional & marketing media, included in reports, company calendars, greeting cards or just a framed photo for the office wall.