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Corporate & Event Photography

Corporate Event photography gives me the chance to search out & capture those great moments of guests enjoying their day at a charity golf event or clay pigeon shoot. Reportage style photography coverage of exhibitions & conferences. All kinds of sports events produce great images, from last minute winner at a local football match to amazing speed of the marathon athletes at peak of fitness, flash past as I crouch by the kerbside.

Commercial Photography

My Commercial Photography portfolio covers creative projects for greeting cards, calendars & cafe menus. Corporate staff headshot for website profiles, through to factual, accurate images needed for civil engineering  surveys & reports.

Dominic Toms Golf Performance Studio

Portrait Photography

Sometimes I like to just take myself off & watch the world go by for a while. There is a photo out there in some of the most normal of places if we just take the time to look. I really enjoy watching people, seeing something start to unfold in front of me, waiting for magic to happen….being ready to capture it if it does.

Wedding Photography

Family celebrations like weddings, christenings, birthday parties are great fun for everybody involved. They equally great fun for me as a photographer capturing these special moments & memories.

Megan & William Bailey Wedding Day

Wildlife Photography

I cannot go too many weeks before my passion for photographing wildlife forces an early morning trip to Richmond Park to watch the stags. Graceful & elegant as they stand watching me, watching them in the Summer. While the sheer violence of the rutting season is an awesome sight on a cold frosty Autumn morning.

Dawn Stag bellowing in Richmond Park - Nikon Competition winning Wildlife Photography by Ian Skelton Photography

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