Wedding Photography – Karin and Steve’s Wedding Day

I am always honoured to be asked to shoot the photos for somebody’s wedding. It’s their special day & to be trusted to capture these moments for them is a privilege. So I had that same lovely feeling when the email arrived enquiring if I was available on Friday 23rd February for Karin & Steve’s Wedding Day. “It probably won’t take an hour, just some natural photos at the Hillingdon Registry Office ceremony & a few afterwards is all we want. We don’t want any fuss!” was their request.

I was free that day & emailed straight back after saving the date in my diary. The replying email from Karin was a first & caught me a little by surprise I must admit. “Do you work alone or do you have an assistant? Because we need 2 witnesses too! To say it was a small wedding with no fuss was exactly that. Just the Bride & Groom, the Registrar, her assistant & the 2 witnesses… How could I refuse!

My wife Julie had to work sadly or she would have been there like a shot. So my friend Cath was available & came along as the 2nd witness for the day. We arrived at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge with plenty of time in hand…thankfully as it turned out! Karin & Steve then arrived & we sat chatting to the lovely young couple before they went in for their pre-ceremony meeting. The Registrar came out to check we were the 2 witnesses …”oh but we don’t have a photographer yet?”  “Yes…it’s me, I’m the photographer too!!”  It was then the Registrar dropped the bombshell….”You are not allowed to be photographer & a witness, one or the other but not both!”

PANICCCCccc!!! 10 minutes to the allotted time for the ceremony to start & we were now a witness short. A mad dash outside to the main Civic Centre court yard resulted in drawing a blank. There wasn’t a sole in sight!! Then the Registrar had a brainwave. A few minutes later the ‘cavalry’ arrived in the form of the Head Registrar who was happy to step into my spot. This was until he suddenly had a thought, checked & found that he too wasn’t allowed to be a witness either! Karin & Steve came out of the meeting totally unaware of our fun & games going on. They were so relaxed & said not to worry about the photos until after the ceremony then…. how could we do that to them!! The Big Boss made a quick phone call upstairs & a few moments later a very puzzled but delighted Penny from Admin arrived. We had our 2nd witness… play the music!!!

Karin & Steve Vickers Wedding at Hillingdon Registry Office

They were such a sweet couple & so chilled out, took absolutely everything in their stride. I think we were all a lot more worried than they were, it was a bit of a whirlwind for us behind the scenes :)) I guess that’s how it should be too, nothing should spoil their special day.

Karin & Steve Vickers Wedding at Hillingdon Registry Office

Karin & Steve Vickers Wedding at Hillingdon Registry Office

Once the ceremony was over we had a little time outside in the courtyard for a few more photos. It was bitter cold so we got on with it as quickly as we could be fore leaving the very happy couple to head off & enjoy the rest of their Wedding day.

Karin & Steve Vickers Wedding at Hillingdon Registry Office

To Karin & Steve, many congratulations. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your Wedding Day, it is certainly one I won’t forget. Note to my Photographer friends out there if you ever get asked to be Witness & Photographer….YOU CAN’T.

Hope you enjoyed a small collection of some of my favourite shots from their day.

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