Bridal portraits wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography

I always get nervous on a wedding photography shoot…. “but nerves are good, it shows you care about the couple’s big day” I was once told. However today I was doubly nervous, as the weather forecast really was not in our favour. Georgina & Alisdair’s Wedding Day started decidedly damp underfoot from overnight rain. More heavy rain was due around the group photos outside the church. As is usual I had already had a look around the church & grounds at our early planning stage. Today I decided to give myself even more time ahead of schedule so I had a Plan B in mind if the forecast was accurate. As the Groom’s party arrived at the church, so did the rain….

Groom arriving under umbrella wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography

Best Man duties involve keeping your Groom dry…

This was a church has been Georgina’s family church for several generations. It was lovely to see the relationship between the Vicar & Georgina’s sisters when they arrived. It is moments like this that can only be captured by standing back & watching quietly.

Groom arriving under umbrella wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography

The Vicar welcomes the bridesmaids

All guests were safely inside & then it was time for the Bride & her proud Father to make their entrance. I had been asked not to take any photos during the actual service. The couple wanted to keep it special about the importance of marriage. I think that was really nice, even as a photographer sometimes I think a camera can be a distraction to some people. The bride & her proud father wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography I sat quietly at the back of the church during the ceremony… unfortunately listening to my WeatherApp being proved right once again. The rain had arrived, good & properly too. Our plan for the group photos to be taken out by the church front gates, was out of the question. The Vicar was good to his word & allowed me to use inside the church as my Plan B.  After I managed to get a confetti shot just inside the front porch, the Vicar lead the whole wedding party back into the church for the group photos. I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve had a confetti canon shot inside a church… Glitter canon confetti wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography As the main wedding guest party headed off to the reception venue, all that remained was to try to get some photos of the newly weds. Earlier I had found 1 spot under some heavy tree branches that might have kept the ground dry enough. The last thing I wanted was to get that lovely wedding dress muddy. I just hoped Georgina would trust me enough to try it. I needn’t have worried…. her sisters scooped up the hem of her dress & we were soon heading out of the church.

Bridal portrait wedding photography by Ian Skelton Photography

Its hard to believe how hard it was raining looking at this photo

Thank you Georgina & Alisdair for choosing me to be part of your day & entrusting your wedding photography to me. I hope you had a lovely day, all my very best wishes for the future.

A few more photos from the day can be seen by