Horse racing photo during the Windsor Racecourse 3 Day Festival - natural event photography by Ian Skelton Photography

Sports Photography: Windsor Racecourse 3 Day Festival

This week I got the chance to shoot a slightly different form of horsepower to my usual motorsport work. I got a call to attend & shoot some of the fun & atmosphere at Windsor Racecourse 3 Day Festival.

My brief was to capture guests around the course having fun both during the racing & after race entertainment. Having only ever been horse racing once before, I was really looking forward to it & seeing what images I could make for them. The images are for use on their website & marketing literature etc.

As ever I can’t help myself, if i see something I have to take the shot even if its not part of my brief for the day. So here are a few extra photos that I hope you like…

I’ve never really been a ‘horsey’ person for want of a better word, but these were stunning looking horses. They were beautifully turned out & clearly couldn’t wait to be let loose to run.

WAIT…. I’m having my photo taken!!

Showing a clean set of heels…. ok hooves but you know what I mean!

A Racecourse has so much colour around it, a photographer’s dream if you take time to sit & look around you. Then of course there’s all the action on track…

There was plenty to catch my eye off the track after the races had finished…

Time to cool off with a lovely hose down

So alert…he caught the sound of the Thames River boats the other side of the hedge!!

Vernon Kay played the night away with a great DJ set.

I had a great time at Windsor Racecourse, I hope they liked their collection of images & I look forward to seeing them on the website. In fact I enjoyed taking photos of the horse so much, I may ask if I can come back again just to take photos of them!