firework shells racks for event photography by Ian Skelton Photography

I have been involved in doing firework displays off & on for about 20 years now. Mostly running one of the firing teams for Brighton Fireworks. Over the last few years I have been busy on other projects & have not done so many. So it was nice to get down there & see the guys at Brightfire Pyrotechnics (as they are now called). To shoot some photos of their Nevill Road Fireworks Display.

This is their own organised display rather than a commissioned display for a client. Over the years it has become our season ending big display & as such tends to be an absolute belter!! When we arrived the team were already well into the setting up process.

Ground effects were all staked out in 7 stations across the display site. Next it was time to set up the mortar shell racks

3″ & 4″ mortar shells of varying effects were then loaded into the tubes. The fast burn fuses all carefully laid out before the electronic igniters were inserted.

In no time at all the pyro was out, close to 2000 individual fuses connected. Mike & Tom from Brightfire Pyrotechnics ran the computerised firing systems through the check procedures & signed off, good to go.

As the light started to fade, the camera crew were taking ‘cutaway’ sequences to add into the video later.

…4 …3 …2 …1 screamed the crowd & Mike hit the button. What followed was 17 minutes of some of the best choreographed firework display I think I’ve ever seen…. & in over 20 years, I’ve seen quite a few!!

I’m pretty sure I had the best seat in the house…

If you would like a photographer to record your firework display events. Get in contact & we can create great images like these for your website!!!