Corporate Event Photography: Clay Pigeon shooting on the River Thames

I enjoy my corporate event photography as it gives me different challenges to my trackside motorsport photography. This week I had pleasure an event with a slight twist… Corporate event clay pigeon shooting on the River Thames!

Our day started nice an early at the Tower of London where we boarded the William B (Built in 1982 as the Sir Thomas Moore) & set sail down the Thames. It was a lovely day & we were soon sailing past some of London’s famous landmarks.

After an hour or so of steady sailing we were heading through the Thames Barrier towards Thamesmead. Our destination to drop anchor ready for the shooting.

The clay pigeon shoot was organised by Thames Leisure boats, who have specialised in this type of event for many years. The crew onboard are not only great instructors but also really good fun.

As ever I was looking for the angles to add something different to my photos… I knew where I wanted to be, but Health & Safety has to be kept in mind especially around shotguns!! The guests looked to be having great fun on the practice rounds under expert guidance from the instructors. Soon they were taking down clays coming in singles & pairs!! After competition shooting had ended, everybody had a go on the different types of guns the instructors had brought along. My client insisted I had a go too….I hit 6 out of 10 clays thanks to John & his expert tuition!!

As ever they reserved a ‘one off’ for just one guest to try out the old Naval boarding Blunderbuss…always goes down with a bang!! (sorry, couldn’t resist!!)

As we turned about ready to start sailing back, we were joined by an unexpected visitor!

Steven (Seagull) ….I know, sorry again!! Was a young sea gull who had clearly become exhausted. He landed on our deck & try as he might couldn’t get the energy to take off again. He wandered around the deck clearly not grasping the concept of shotguns & birds!!

He eventually settled down on a seat behind one of the instructor’s bags for a rest to regain some energy. It was then that one of the guests had an idea & dragged a bin close to the handrail. Steven was then able to make a much shorter hop from the seat to the bin. From there he was high enough to fly over the rail & glide towards the river bank. We watched him happily bobbing on the river with the other gulls. Panic ye not…no seagulls were harmed in the making of these photos!

Shooting over, a well earned lunch break was followed & the bar opened for the guests. As a photographer it’s great to see people enjoying themselves & the images that can be created by just watching quietly from a distance to catch them all. The weather had remained lovely & warm all day. in fact so hot that I was burning my knees on the metal deck trying to get low behind the shooters arm!!

As you can see, we weren’t the only ones having a great time out on the River Thames today.

A great day, I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself & I’m sure all the guests did too. Now time to get editing down the shoot & polish my client’s images ready for delivery. I hope you enjoyed a little taste of our day on the Thames.