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Event Photography – Photography at a Stag Party

So when I got asked to do the photography at a Stag Party, I thought “uh oh..that could be tricky”. It then turned out that it involved clay pigeon shooting & grass track buggy racing… much better news! Add to it I would also have the chance to take part (the stag was my future son-in-law)…. […]

News Photography – RAF 100 Centenary Flypast

“Not since the coronation has there been as many aircraft taking part than in the RAF 100 Centenary Flypast” When you see a headline like that, as a photographer you’ve got to go & capture a small piece of history. The RAF 100 Centenary Flypast had been publicised in the press & online that 100 aircraft would […]

Motorsport Photography – 2018 Le Mans Classic

2018 Le Mans Classic 2018 season has been a year of firsts for me. Some of the photo shoots have been outstanding & non more so than the 2018 Le Mans Classic. Having been there last year for the modern 24Hour Le Mans race, I was really looking forward to seeing the difference. The format is […]

News Photography – Saddleworth Moor Fires

“Anybody near Manchester & available to cover the Saddleworth Moor fires?” Saddleworth Moor Fires, was the attention grabbing title of an email that landed in my inbox one evening from Spacesuit Media.  They were casting the net to see if any of their photographers were able to cover this ever developing story. “….I’m not, I’m down […]

Motorsport Photography – Spa Summer Classic 2018

Spa Summer Classic 2018 The Spa Summer Classic 2018 is a great Classic Motor Racing Festival held at one of the popular race tracks in Europe. It attracts many visitors over the relaxed 3 day race weekend event. This was my first time to the famous Spa-Francorchamp circuit in Belgium. I was looking forward to seeing […]

Commercial Photography – Motorsport Sponsorship

Abingdon CARnival Rally 2018 has come around, all cameras & batteries are checked, packed & I’m off to Abingdon in Oxfordshire. This year it would be a touch more special for me…not only was it to be R Kid, Nick driving the Escort. This year would see the first appearance of Motorsport Sponsorship on the […]